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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC,                  53

but that unfortunately the abbey she asked for was
not in his presentation,

6th, Dined yesterday at the Countess d'Alba-
nie's, with Alfieri, Conway and D'Hancarville. Met
the Abb6 de St. Nom, editor of the " Voyage Pit-
toresque d'ltalie," and M. le Maitre, who was ten
years in the Bastille for having published in a
periodical paper* called "1'Espion Turc," the fol-
lowing story or prophecy: "Catherine de Medicis
was always surrounded by astrologers, one of
whom, by her desire, composed a magic mirror,
wherein she might see what would occur in the
future. She beheld each of her sons on the
throne, then her mortal enemy, Henry of Bour-
bon, his son and grandson, the crown held up by
the Jesuits. When it came to Louis XVI. she
saw nothing but mist—no king—and a set of cats
and rats devouring each other. On seeing this
she fainted away. On her recovery all was clear,
and a Prince of the name of Charles was seated
on the throne."

The following story is supposed to account
for the famous " Iron Mask." Cardinal Richelieu,
being anxious to prevent the Duke d'Orleans and
the Cond6s from succeeding to the throne, pre-
vailed upon Anne of Austria to raise an heir that
might entitle her to the regency. She pitched